Does Utah's teetotaling governor want Americans to toast President Reagan as he leaves office?

Yes - but with ginger ale, of course.A letter with Bangerter's signature on it recently was sent to John S. Cowan of Clarkston, Mich. Cowan is trying to organize a nationwide farewell toast to President Reagan by getting people nationwide to stand in front of their television sets and simultaneously drink to his honor.

Bangerter was one of three governors who sent a letter encouraging Cowan. The letter from Utah's governor, a long-time stake president in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and a man who religiously abstains from drinking alcohol, was written by a member of his staff.

"I would support a `Toast to the President' honoring President Reagan and the contributions he has made over the past eight years," it said. The quote was carried nationwide by the Associated Press.

Bangerter at first had trouble remembering the letter when asked by a reporter Tuesday morning. The letter was sent Dec. 2. After a quick meeting with his staff, he sent press secretary Francine Giani out with a message.

"We meant with ginger ale in hand," she said.