Intermountain Region forester Stan Tixier has been elected second vice president of the Society for Range Management and will take over as president in 1991.

Tixier heads the U.S. Forest Service's Intermountain Region, which covers Utah, Nevada, Wyoming and Idaho. He oversees management of 16 national forests, which encompass some 31 million acres.His selection as second vice president of the Society for Range Management precedes his advancement to vice president in 1990 and president in 1991.

Tixier said the society plays a vital role in educating the public concerningland-management issues and provides a forum for discussion.

"It allows range professionals with a variety of interests and backgrounds to share information and ideas about improving range lands and making them more productive," said Tixier.

"When we improve the range, we need to talk about it, and not just to ourselves."

"Many believe that use of range lands for commodity outputs, such as livestock production, equates to abuse or destruction," he said. "The movement to `get the livestock off public land' shows that such negative ideas can become actions aimed to change public priorities and eliminate a valuable tool in vegetation management."