Coca-Cola Co. has been stuck with 20 million pairs of 3-D glasses ever since an episode of "Moonlighting" was nixed last spring by the writers' strike. The company says it just found a super way to use them.

The soft drink giant, the National Football League and NBC announced Monday they would cooperate in a three-dimensional broadcast of the 12-minute Super Bowl XXIII halftime show and a 45-second Diet Coke ad next month.The Atlanta-based company said its bottlers would distribute the special glasses with purchases of Diet Coke in the two weeks before the Jan. 22 contest for the NFL championship.

Coca-Cola ordered the glasses earlier this year after agreeing with the "Moonlighting" producers that a commercial and a portion of the final show of the 1987-88 season would be shot with the new 3-D technology.

But the episode was canceled after the writers went on strike and the Coca-Cola commercial never was made. Production of the glasses was halted at 20 million, and they were stored while Coca-Cola looked for other TV showcases.