A unique gift is available that will ensure the recipient the honor of becoming a tiny part of a San Francisco landmark.

Individually inscribed red bricks - ranging from $35 to $75 - are being sold in a variety of styles as part of the development of a promenade at the Golden Gate Bridge.The first 800 "pioneer bricks" purchased by bridge workers, city officials and others, were installed at the site on the San Francisco side of the span earlier in the year, said Michael Creedman, president of the Promenade at the Golden Gate project.

"It's a great way for people to become part of a new San Francisco landmark and at a very reasonable price," he said.

The personalized red bricks and granite pavers will form paths leading to and encircling the viewing plaza at the bridge and are expected to last for several generations.

When complete, said Creedman, the promenade will feature over 80,000 bricks personally inscribed with names, dates and messages.