The Directors Guild of America has hailed a French court decision that prohibited the telecast of a colorized version of John Huston's classic drama "The Asphalt Jungle."

A guild spokesman said the decision was a "tremendous victory for artists' rights and recognition that rights of copyright owners and rights of original artists are separate."A French court ruled that while the Turner Entertainment Co. may own the film, nobody could maintain that "The Asphalt Jungle" was directed by the Turner company, nor does Turner's company own the moral rights, which are attached to the film's creators.

(BU) HOLLYWOOD - Paramount Pictures has acquired the distribution rights to the movie "Pet Sematary," based on novelist Stephen King's best-selling occult thriller.

The film stars Dale Midkiff, Fred Gywnne and Denise Crosby. King wrote the screenplay.

The story deals with a young doctor and his family who move to a small Maine town to discover they are living near a weird burial ground.