Nearly 350,000 teenage girls around the world will celebrate the 120th anniversary of the LDS Church's Young Women organization during sunrise services on Nov. 18, 1989.

President Ardeth G. Kapp, general president of the Young Women, said the observance will commemorate the day that former Church President Brigham Young rang the family prayer bell, calling his daughters together to organize the Young Ladies Retrenchment Society on Nov. 18, 1869.At that time, he challenged them to set aside the things of the world and improve everything that is good and beautiful. The organization, now called Young Women, has members in 96 countries who are committed to live by seven spiritual values to guide their lives.

The celebration will include a bell-ringing at various locations around the world, with a renewed call to action by President Ezra Taft Benson and a response by representative young women.