If you are tired of hearing about the adventures, misadventures and latest ostentatious purchases of Bill Cosby, Mike Tyson and Donald Trump, then Alan Caruba is your kind of guy.

The Maplewood, N.J., man issued his 1988 list of "The Most Boring Celebrities of the Year," as designated by his Boring Institute.Inclusion on the list is based on "massive media overexposure," Caruba said.

Taking top honors is Cosby, who, already worth a bundle, can be counted on to make more commercials, rake in bushels of money from reruns and write another book in 1989, Caruba said.

No. 2 on the list is mega-everything Trump, who gives new meaning to the phrase "conspicuous consumption," Caruba said.

Heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson gets rabbit-punched for making his fans the people most depressed over his marital sparring with television actress Robin Givens.

Givens is only a runner-up on the latest list.

Others in the top ten are rock star Bruce Springsteen, the late singer Elvis Presley, TV hosts Geraldo Rivera and David Letterman, TV star Cybill Shepherd, Rob Lowe and TV evangalist Jimmy Swaggart.