A thief who stole a limousine with a bride and her bridesmaids still inside had a heart: He drove the screaming women to the church for the wedding before speeding off with the luxury car.

Sharon Moccia and her four bridesmaids asked their limousine driver to stop at a convenience store for a ginger ale before the wedding at St. Mark's Church in the city's Dorchester section, police said Sunday.The driver walked into the store and a man ran up to the car and leaped in, authorities said.

"Hey! I'm running from the police. I need a car!" he yelled.

One of the bridesmaids, Lisa Ferguson, told the man they had to get to the church on time.

"He said, `Well I don't want you,' and let us out," Ferguson said.

The thief intended to let the women walk, but Kim McLeod, a cousin of the bride, began yelling at him. Then Ferguson vented her rage.

"I almost took off my shoe and started hitting him," she said.

The man said he was sorry, but the women kept screaming at him until he drove them to the church - in time for the ceremony.

As the bridesmaids were leaving the limo, Ferguson spun around with a camera and yelled, "Smile," and snapped a photo of the man before he sped off in the limousine.

The man took two wedding gifts and $20 from maid of honor Linda McEa-chern and apologized to the women for ruining the wedding.