Politicians aren't the only ones to blame for the skyrocketing federal debt. any of the voters they represent want more benefits and services from the federal government than they receive. Yet they are not willing to pay for what they get now, much less what they want in the future.

The survey, conducted by a Massachusetts firm, concluded that more than two out of three Americans liked the idea of a national health insurance program to guarantee that everyone receives all needed medical care.

Yet when the survey asked those who wanted such a program how much they would be willing to pay for it in higher taxes or premiums, many of the answers were hilarious. About 29 percent, for example, said they would not be willing to pay anything.

Forget about the free lunch - these people want unrestricted access to some of the best medical care in history for free. These are people who literally want something for nothing.

Almost as incredible are the 18 percent who said they would be willing to pay a grand total of as much as $25 - a year! If only the real world worked that way.