When the boulangerie is closed in Paris, there is still a way to find fresh bread: Pain service, a 24-hour vending machine that serves a boule de campagne baked in the traditional fashion.

The first Pain services appeared six months ago, and more are popping up in French cities. There are 350 in all, 15 in Paris. They stand outside bakeries and are refilled by the baker, sometimes twice a day.The loaf rolls out after 10 seconds for 6 to 8 francs ($1 to $1.40). The machine can contain 80 loaves and returns change.

Starting this summer, a new machine called Baguette Magique will appear. It hands out fresh warm baguettes. The first ones will be in the Chatelet and Luxembourg Metro stations.

A few Paris locations of the boule machines: 251 Rue Marcadet (18th arrondissement), 93 Rue Raymond Losserand (14th), 11 Rue Auguste Chabrieres (15th), 37 Rue Legendre (17th), 37 Rue Brochant (17th), 3 Place Leon Deubel (16th), 304 Rue des Pyrenees (20th), Place des Fetes (19th).