Although there was anger Thursday from Coach Bill Parcells and Lawrence Taylor over Newsday's report that Taylor wants to leave the Giants, there were no direct denials of the basic fact of the story: Taylor has asked the New York Giants to trade him after the season.

Parcells, who strongly criticized the media at his news conference, called the story "bull" and accused Newsday of "making up" the story. But asked if he thought Taylor would play for the Giants next year, Parcells said, "I don't have any comment. All I can tell you is, like any year, a lot can happen in a short period of time."Taylor's response was shorter. "I won't discuss it," he said after practice. "I don't want to get into it. That's all there is to it."

And General Manager George Young said, "I have no awareness of him wanting to play anyplace else. And I am in charge of trades here, I think."

Newsday reported Thursday that Taylor, in a midseason meeting with Parcells, asked to be traded at season's end because of the physical and emotional pressure he felt playing in the New York area.

Taylor spoke Wednesday of a deal he and Parcells made in that meeting. The player's impression of the deal apparently is that the Giants will try to trade him after the season. The Giants are giving mixed signals, but apparently the club hopes that Taylor will have a change of heart because of the recent strong showing of the team.

Parcells spoke briefly Thursday of his midseason conversation with Taylor - thought to be Nov. 5, the day before the Giants beat Dallas, 29-21. He said, "That was a very long time ago that that conversation took place. It didn't happen yesterday. Since that time, I think things have taken a turn for the better, don't you?"