Several executive management changes have been made at Zions First National Bank and will be effective Jan. 1, according to Roy W. Simmons, chairman and chief executive officer of the bank and its parent company, Zions Bancorp.

Ted E. Davis will become vice chairman and chief executive officer and also take a seat on the board of directors. Harris W. Simmons, president of Zions Bancorp., also has been elected to the board.Roy W. Simmons will remain in his present positions, while Ronald S. Hanson continues to serve as bank president. Dale W. Westergard, vice chairman of the bank and head of the company's consumer credit division, will retire Jan. 1.

Davis served as executive vice president and chief financial officer of Zions Bancorp. from 1972-82. He has been administrative vice president at the University of Utah and held managerial positions with American Cement Corp. of Los Angeles and Rogers Brothers Co. of Idaho Falls.

Westergard will continue at a consultant to the company and a member of the board of directors of Zions Bancorp.