Awards for outstanding service were presented to West Valley police officers and one city resident Wednesday evening during the department's annual awards banquet.

The Police Star, one of the department's highest awards, was given to Officers Darwin Woodruff and John Klinetop.Woodruff was hit and injured by two vehicles while walking in the road assisting a motorist at 2 a.m. Feb. 13. Woodruff is still recovering from his injuries and has not returned to work. Klinetop was recognized for disarming a man who was wielding two knives and was under the influence of drugs during a March 27, 1987, family dispute.

The department's Life Saving Award was given to Officers Craig Gibson and Guy Dodge, who helped save the life of a man critically injured in an accident that claimed the lives of his wife and daughter March 21.

Tracy Cowley was named "Officer of the Year" for his outstanding contributions to the department and community. Kirk Allen was named "Shooter of the Year" for achieving perfect scores on all department shooting exercises.

The Certificate of Merit, recognizing excellence in police work, was given to Officers Armand Casanova, Tracy Cowley, Dave Shopay, and to Detectives Cal Chilton, Joe Iovino, Bill McCarthy and Mike Wells.

The Safe Driving Award was given to Officer Craig Gibson and Detectives Cal Chilton, Steve Humphrey and Kevin Nudd. All of these officers have driving records clear of any type of accident for the past five years.

The Unit Citation was given to the Youth Unit for further developing the school resource program and organizing a first-offender diversion program. The unit is staffed by Sgt. Buzz Nielsen; Detectives Jesse Castaneda, Kurt Imig, Kevin Nudd, John Rasmussen and Welby Scott; social worker Brenda Ross; and secretary Joan Gomez.

The West Valley Honorary Colonels Association presented its Citizen of the Year Award to West Valley resident Tom Larson, a football coach, Scoutmaster and father of four, for his work with students who needed special help.