Three teenagers unleashed two pit bull dogs into a crowded schoolyard during a noon recess Thursday, inflicting savage injuries on five children, police said.

There were about 150 children in the schoolyard when the teenagers walked in, unleashed the dogs and told them to attack the children, police said.The injured children - fourth-, fifth-, and sixth-graders at St. Edward's School in the city's Northeast section - were bitten numerous times on their feet and ankles, said Dr. Mark Joffe, the emergency room physician at St. Christopher's Hospital who treated the children.

"One child had about 20 to 30 deep lacerations," he said. "He'll be off his feet for awhile."

The wounds required deep cleansing and suturing, he said, but none of the children required hospitalization.

Police were looking for three 13-year-olds in connection with the attack. They were also trying to find the dogs.