Once a person interrupts his high school education it is hard to get back to it, but this week 47 students demonstrated that they could make the extra effort to get their high school diplomas.

Students in Provo School District's adult education program received their certificates during a ceremony Tuesday with the Provo Board of Education."Don't stop now," said Ron Riding, Provo schools' director of adult and community education. "Don't make this the end of your learning, make it the beginning."

The graduates come from a variety of adult education programs in the district, with the majority, 33, coming from the Adult High School. Nine graduates have attended the Center for High School Studies at Utah Valley Community College. Three were taking courses at the Utah County jail and two at the Timpanogos Community Mental Health Center.

"We commend you for making an extra effort to reach your goal," said Board President Clarence Robison.

The Timpview High School saxophone quintet performed at the ceremony.