University of Utah head football coach Jim Fassel announced Thursday that fullback Martel Black has asked to come back to the Ute football team. Fassel said Black would be on probationary status this quarter.

"Martel came in and asked if the door was open to rejoin the team," explained Fassel. "I told him the door was open if he was willing to come back under our standards and terms."He indicated that he was willing to come back under those conditions and, based on my conversations with him, I have no reason to doubt his sincerity."

Fassel said that Black would not practice for the rest of spring drills and would just work on getting in shape.

"At the end of this quarter we will evaluate the progress Martel has made," said Fassel, "and make a decision as to his future in the program."

"The coaches were trying to help me with some problems I had but instead I decided to run away," said Martel.

"After I talked to my mom and had time to think about it I realized I was making a bad decision. I appreciate Coach Fassel letting me try to rejoin the team and I am ready to come back under the conditions he has set."

Black was the leading Ute rusher last season with 103 carries for 520 yards and four touchdowns.