Employees at three Utah County hospitals have raised $1,500 to aid earthquake victims in Armenia. The funds will be donated to the Soviet Armenia Relief fund via the Provo chapter of the American Red Cross this week.

Employees at American Fork Hospital, Orem Community Hospital and Utah Valley Regional Medical Center expressed a desire to help victims of the recent disaster in Armenia. Initially, the hospitals tried to send medical supplies to the Soviet republic, but the mechanics involved were too difficult, said Clark Caras, who works in public relations at UVRMC.Donations from the employees as well as the administrations at each facility were taken by the Central Utah Health Care Foundation, which will present the money to the Red Cross.

"Being health care facilities, we realize the fight for life and death that these people are going through," said Mark Howard, executive director at UVRMC. "As Intermountain Health Care hospitals in Utah Valley, we wanted to help."

Howard said he appreciated the compassion demonstrated by the hospital employees.

"I wish we were able to transport everything and everyone we have here over there to help," Howard said.