The Layton City Council has approved Police Chief Doyle Talbot's request that his officers be allowed to have stun guns.

City's fathers say they will seek money for the high-tech weapons in the 1989-90 budget, but pending an appropriation, Talbot said some of his officers may go ahead and purchase the $150 devices with their own money.Powered by a nine-volt battery, the NOVA XR5000 electronic restraint device emits a jolt that carries 50,000 volts but only 4 milliamps of electricity - enough to stun a person into submission without causing serious injury.

About the size of a hand-held transistor radio, the device has two prongs that when touched to someone briefly will cause them to draw back or drop whatever they may be holding.

A five-second exposure can stun a human being to the point at which he is no longer able to stand and will remain in a state of confusion for about 15 minutes, said officer Dave Nance, a certified instructor in use of the device.

Without the stun gun, officers say they are left with use of their night sticks in certain confrontations or the use of firearms.

"The stun device will reduce the possibility of injury to suspects and the police officers," Nance said Tuesday.

He said 4,000 agencies in the United States, including police in Farmington, Riverdale and Brigham City, use the same or similar devices.