Six months after the arrival of Soviet inspectors in the Salt Lake area to check for American compliance with the Intermediate Nuclear Forces Treaty, the U.S. government is still paying the Russians' rent.

But that's fair. The Soviets are still paying the American inspectors' rent in Votkinsk, northeast of Moscow.Under treaty provisions, each side is supposed to pay its own rent, said Ann Wilson, public affairs officer for the Defense Department's On-Site Inspection Agency. But that hasn't happened yet because the treaty doesn't detail the terms of reimbursement, and the two governments are still working those out, she said.

So until that happens, the U.S. government will continue paying the $8,200 per month bill to house 29 inspectors in 16 units at Sun Arbor Apartments in Salt Lake City.

Wilson said she doesn't know the cost of the housing in Votkinsk.

"No exchange of bills has been done yet, and when that does it'll probably turn out to be a wash."