The U.S. attorney's office has filed two more charges against subcontractors to Morton Thiokol Inc., the latest in a long line of allegations of kickbacks.

The charges were filed against Bevco Supply Co., a subcontractor to the Brigham City-based aerospace company, and James Albert Bell, the supply company's owner, who lives in Albuquerque.The charge against Bevco said the company paid a kickback in the form of a Western Union money order sent to Thiokol's former purchase officer, John E. Ward, April 29, 1985. The money was either the acknowledgment of or an inducement for a purchase order, according to the charge.

The charge against Bell said he sent a separate money order to Ward on April 26, 1985.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Gregory C. Diamond said an earlier series of kickback charges all resulted in convictions. Ward is awaiting sentencing.

"I think you can anticipate that more (charges) will be filed in the future," he said Thursday.