Just as the folks in Capistrano can count on the swallows returning when the weather warms, Salt Lake County residents can count on the return of the home-repair hucksters.

Last week, police arrested two men suspected of trying to defraud a local businessman out of $450 in a roof sealant scam. The "sealant" turned out to be used motor oil laced with silver paint."It's the same old roofing scam that everyone falls for every year," said detective Mike Welch, who investigates frauds and scams in the city.

The businessman was approached last week by a group of itinerants who said they could seal the roof and driveway of his business.

About half-way through the job, the businessman became suspicious and called police, who arrested two adult males from California.

Welch wants residents, especially the elderly, to be on the lookout for door-to-door solicitors. Anyone wishing to report suspicious solicitors can call Welch at 535-7222.