Nearly $2 million has been awarded to the family of murder victim Kathleen Sheets in a judgment against confessed bomber Mark W. Hofmann, who is apparently penniless.

Third District Judge Scott Daniels entered the default judgment against Hofmann on Wednesday. Hofmann, who is serving a life sentence at the Utah State Prison, has no assets and did not answer the suit brought by Mrs. Sheets' husband, Gary, and his four children.Hofmann has said he killed Mrs. Sheets and Steven F. Christensen with pipe bombs on Oct. 15, 1985, in an attempt to keep his document forgery and fraud schemes from being discovered.

The award includes $1 million in punitive damages; $650,000 for loss of love, affection and companionship; $325,000 for loss of services his wife would have provided as a mother; and $11,000 for funeral and medical expenses.

Sheets appeared at the hearing and said, "She was a great mother. Being a mother was her life."

Sheets testified that prior to the bombing, he was earning $500,000 annually through his business, Consolidated Financial Services. He said because of the bad publicity surrounding the bombings and the murder of his wife, he now earns only $30,000 a year.

Daniels, however, did not award any business-related damages.