Until now, there hasn't been an electronic link between the 1,100 U.S. tour providers and the more than 130,000 U.S. travel agency terminals, which means that putting customer information on travel plans is cumbersome and time consuming.

But now there is World ComNet Inc. of California, a subsidiary of World ComNet Investors, Vancouver, British Columbia, the world's first on-line travel tour and reservation network, that is working to link tour providers and travel agencies.Donald J. Foran, WCNI president, spoke to the Utah Stockbrokers' Association Tuesday in the Marriott Hotel and said the company is working to establish a communication network between Canada, the United States, Hong Kong and London that will give travelers instant information about tours.

For a fee, tour providers can have their service listed on the computer, which will make the information immediately available rather than the customer searching through some brochures. Answers to all of the questions a customer might ask will be part of the computer information, Foran said.

When a person visits a travel agency to inquire about a tour, the travel agency puts the information into the computer and tour options are seen instantly on the screen. The tour can be booked immediately, Foran said.

Last month, Foran said, WCNI signed a contract with the world's largest travel distribution network, which is owned by several airlines and will ensure access to 35 percent of the U.S. travel agency terminals. He said the company is working on signing other contracts with similar networks.