A recent ruling against the USX Corp. in favor of the United Steelworkers of America - which could mean a return of $10 million in back pay to workers - has no impact on Utah's Geneva Steel, local officials say.

The ruling made Monday requires USX to reimburse workers at overtime rates where work was lost because of outside hiring in violation of the steelworkers' contract.The arbitration board looked at 24 grievances at USX's Fairless Works outside Philadelphia because those cases were said to represent some 1,100 pending complaints by workers.

The Orem plant came into question since it was previously owned by USX, but Carl Ramnitz, vice president of human resources, said there are no active cases dealing with the contracting issue.

The decision, which made contracting a violation of union policy, was also rendered under a new labor agreement made in 1987 and Geneva Steel never operated under that agreement.