The Davis County Republican Party's central committee will meet Dec. 27 to select three candidates as replacements for incumbent Sheriff Brant L. Johnson, who resigned Monday to take a state public safety job.

GOP Chairman Steve Smoot said Tuesday the committee will meet at 5:30 p.m. in the County Commission chambers in the Davis County Courthouse in Farmington.Under state law, the political party of the incumbent sheriff submits a list of three names to the County Commission, which interviews the candidates and selects one as new sheriff.

The commissioners indicated this week if the three names are submitted promptly on Dec. 27, they will interview the candidates after the meeting and could select a new sheriff at their regular meeting the next day, Dec. 28.

Johnson's resignation is effective Jan. 3, when he will assume the post of deputy public safety commissioner to the new department head, Douglas Bodrero. Johnson has endorsed Harry Jones, his chief deputy, for the sheriff's position for the two years remaining in the term.