Two prominent Republicans have announced that they are withdrawing their candidacies for re-election to the Utah House.

Rep. Boyd Warnick, R-Salt Lake, and Rep. Jack DeMann, R-Murray, both filed for re-election but have now changed their minds.DeMann, 54, the GOP's House assistant minority whip, has told House officials he wants to spend more time with his family.

"I have a series of surgical procedures (on feet and hands) that I have to have taken care of and some family priorities and business responsibilities that I need to take care of," DeMann said. "This is a temporary thing. I have neither lost my interest in or love for public service, and if my constituents still feel good about me, I will be back at some time."

DeMann said he will be fully supporting Lynn H. Suksdorf, who's running for the seat.

In a formal letter to the Salt Lake County clerk, Warnick, who is chairman of the Transportation and Public Safety Committee, said he has pulled out of the race because of business concerns.

"Professionally, I've got a lot of complications," Warnick told the Deseret News. "It is best if I get out early."

Warnick, 58, is throwing his support behind Republican Tom Goudie. Frank G. Strickland, a Republican, and Bob Anderton, a Democrat, have also filed for the District 49 seat.

Warnick said he will remain active in Utah transportation issues and will retain his positions with several transportation-oriented organizations. He also plans to run for public office in the future.