Texas A&M, in the wake of the resignation of Jackie Sherrill, is starting a new athletic era under new Coach R.C. Slocum and new Athletic Director John David Crow.

The Jackie Sherrill era ended Monday when he resigned as head coach and athletic director amid accusations he paid "hush" money to a former player during an NCAA investigation.Sherrill led the Aggies to three straight Cotton Bowl appearances and compiled a 53-27-1 record in seven seasons.

But the Aggies were placed on probation in September for violating NCAA recruiting guidelines.

Controversy emerged again last month when former A&M running back George Smith claimed he received more than $4,000 from Sherrill to keep him quiet about NCAA infractions.

The Aggies still are investigating the latest charges to the NCAA although Smith has recanted his statements.

"Because of my great love for this school and its people, I am removing myself from my position at Texas A&M," Sherrill said in a prepared statement.

"I have remained in my position because I felt it has been a period that has needed my complete interest and full cooperation due to the continuing national attention that has been paid to this matter.

"Now, it is with all this in mind, and with the best interest of Texas A&M uppermost in my thoughts, it is time for us to come to a mutual parting of the ways," Sherrill said.