Iomega Corp. and ELXSI Corp., San Jose, Calif., announced the signing of an OEM (original equipment manufacturer) agreement under which ELXSI will use Iomega's 5.25-inch removable cartridge drives in its System 6400 minisupercomputer system.

Iomega's product, the Beta 20 Bernoulli Drive, provides ELXSI with a convenient, reliable means to transfer information and software updates to its installed base.The drives will also be used in the System 6400 to perform 24-hour on-line service diagnostics. ELXSI will integrate the removable cartridge drives into its current installed base as well as include them in all new products. Terms of the agreement were not disclosed.

"Iomega's product provides a simple, rugged package for data distribution," said Pat Trytten, vice president of computer development at ELXSI. "Its flexibility and reliability are unequaled by traditional floppy or hard platter drives. The Bernoulli drives are exactly what we need to meet the performance and reliability requirements of minisupercomputer users."