The Utah Department of Health is changing the format of its daily air pollution index report by including words that describe air quality and tightening the definition of "good" air.

According to a news release, the report will reflect the Environmental Protection Agency's nationwide format. The air pollution index, issued daily by the Bureau of Air Quality through the National Weather Service, will not change. However, an index number between zero and 100 will no longer be considered "good to excellent" air quality.The new format rates index numbers between zero and 50 as "good", 51 to 100 as "moderate", 101 to 199 as "unhealthful", 200 to 299 as "very unhealthful", and 300 to 500 as "hazardous".

The index numbers show the relative severity of the highest air pollutant concentration in three residential areas and three downtown areas on the Wasatch Front. The recorded report will list each area and its index number, describe the air quality according to the number, and name the highest air pollutant in that area.

Special statements about the air quality and precautions or actions recommended by the bureau may be included in the report, along with health advisories for people with heart or respiratory problems.

The report will end with a forecast for pollution levels. It is updated daily or as pollution conditions change, and can be heard by dialing 533-7239.