I embrace the position that I am an intrinsically valuable human being. I am a worthy person simply because I am.

I separate my behavior from my person. I realize there will always be behavior changes I can make to improve myself. However, these changes have to do with my growth, not my worth.I understand that making mistakes also has to do with growth, not worth. I give myself permission to make mistakes and still be OK. I also release myself from past mistakes, recognizing that I cannot risk or grow without making errors. I realize that some of my greatest learning has come from mistakes I have made.

I expect at times I will incur the disapproval of others. I recognize there is no way I can please all the people all the time.

I realize that disapproval comes from imperfect people, like myself, who often change moods, become easily critical, and readily strike out and label others when they themselves are hurting.

Because I cannot control such disapproval, I refuse to reduce my self worth when I encounter others' irritation, anger or harsh words.

I understand that others have choices in the way they offer feedback. If they choose to belittle or lash out rather than offer constructive help, I realize their destructive behavior has to do with them, not me.

I will search the messages of others for information helpful to my growth process, but I refuse to give credence to criticism from those who do not have my best interest at heart.

I give my self-assessment priority over the assessment of others, but here I will be fair, looking at assets as well as liabilities.

I parole myself from concentrating on my shortcomings. Rather than searching relentlessly for my flaws, I will search relentlessly for my strengths.

I will nurture myself by giving approving, accepting, reassuring, messages to myself about me. I will be a friend to myself and offer myself the same compassion I would offer to another in my place.

I let go of negative labels, such as lazy, or bad or clumsy, that I have used to describe myself these long years, recognizing that labels are inaccurate and destructive, and that they stifle growth.

I will refrain from attacking myself with ridicule, disgust or punishment when I do something that displeases me.

I will absorb rather than deflect the positives others give to me. I realize I need information about myself that will help me choose a positive self-portrait.

I refrain from comparing myself to other people, realizing this is like comparing apples to oranges because we are all unique. Instead, I will compare me to myself.

Focusing inward, I will set personal goals and measure my own growth by gauging the distance I have come since my last measurement.

I realize I have the right to my own feelings, opinions, beliefs and values, and that I do not have to defend these positions. I will stand for what I (believe) (feel) (need) (want) rather than alter my position for fear of disapproval.

I will represent myself when others want to make decisions that affect me.

I trust myself to make personal decisions, realizing that decisions are always guesses and that no decision is perfect. I give myself permission to make "wrong" decisions without exacting penalties from myself. I will be decisive, making decisions that move me ahead rather than immobilizing myself by agonizing over which decision is "right."

I will take risks by changing my behavior to meet ever changing circumstances rather than clinging to obsolete behavior patterns that offer the security of being familiar.

I will confront my fears and ask myself what is the worst that could occur if my fears were realized. I will then develop a plan to address this potential catastrophe and give myself credit for being able to survive, no matter what.

I release others from the responsibility of making me happy. I take the initiative to get what I need rather than waiting and hoping that somehow what I need will be brought to me by someone else.

I take responsibility for my own feelings and moods, recognizing that I create these emotional states in myself and that I can change them if I choose.

I will share the vulnerable parts of myself with those I love.

I will function as best I can in the here-and-now of my life rather than cling to the misfortunes and tragedies of my past and allow them to interfere with the present.

I choose to be happy now - to celebrate all the small pleasures of life as they occur - instead of putting happiness off until I (get married) (get divorced) (make my first million) (make my second million) (move) (go to heaven) (and so on).