Former World Cup champion Vegard Opaas of Norway went 86 meters on his second jump to win the 70-meter Subaru Ski Jump International by three-tenths of a point over Austrian Ernst Vettori.

Opaas out-battled erratic weather conditions to take his victory. He went 86 meters on each of his two jumps and scored 221.5 points while Vettori went 85.5 meters and 85 for 221.2.Thomas Klauser of West Germany, who won the first round with an 88-meter jump, finished third with 219.7 points. His final-round jump was 80 meters.

World Cup points leader Risto Laakonen of Finland retained his spot, despite an 11th-place finish. He has 60 points, and is trailed by West German Dieter Thoma, with 52, then Vettori with 51.