Ogden Air Logistic Center maintenance workers will get an additional 220,000 hours of work, starting Oct. 1, when they begin depot-level maintenance work on the Air Force's C-130 Hercules aircraft.

Air Force Logistic Command officials made the announcement Friday, saying it is the result of a switch and workload assignments within the command.The added workload means the future looks bright for all Hill on-call employees, even those presently in non-paid status, who, according to the director of maintenance officials, will return to work later this year.

Hill has 258 on-call employees, 126 of whom are presently in non-paid status.

The C-130 depot maintenance work was transferred from San Antonio Air Logistics Command, Kelly Air Force Base, Texas, to make room for an additional B-52 workload, transferred there.

The first of the transport aircraft is scheduled to arrive at Hill in July and will be used for training purposes, officials said.

Twenty C-130s are expected at Hill in the first fiscal year and about 30 in fiscal 1990.

"The C-130 workload coming into Hill just about offsets the loss of our F-4 Phantom workload, which is being phased out," said Boyd Thurgood, deputy director and director of maintenance.

"Since there will be no additional construction, we don't anticipate additional employment opportunities. The increased workload at Hill will not require any permanent moves of workers from one center to another, however some temporary duty will be used for a limited number of workers for planning and training purposes," he said.

Officials at Warner-Robins Air Logistics Command, Robins Air Force Base, Ga., will remain the item managers for the C-130, but that base and Hill will be the only bases in the Air Force's C-130 maintenance business when San Antonio drops out.