Ambulance service in South Jordan is expected to improve with the addition of a modern box-style vehicle recently obtained from Iron County.

The city's volunteer fire department has been providing ambulance service for about six months using an older station-wagon-style ambulance. City Councilman Ted Sandstrom, who is also the city fire chief, said the department had intended to use the older vehicle for the next four to five years.That changed, however, when the fully equipped ambulance in Iron County became available for $17,000. The vehicle is 5 years old but has a new engine and the body is in excellent condition, Sandstrom said. A new ambulance of this type would run $50,000 for just the vehicle. Equipment is extra.

The city is using a lease-purchase financing arrangement with Zions First National Bank to buy the vehicle. The city will pay 8.4 percent on the loan, which will run for two years. Sandstrom said the payments will be made from revenues generated by the service and there will be no subsidy from tax dollars. "Those using the service will pay for it."