Fishlake National Forest officials want public comment by Jan. 1 about a proposal to build one new road and order temporary closure of another on the Richfield Ranger District.

"We opened one road in the Salina Canyon area this past year, but had some people cuss us while others praised us for it," said Dick Allred, district ranger. "We have proposed two options for a new road and want the public to tell us which route is preferred."The area in question is near the head of Yogo Creek. It was opened this year eastward to the Beaver Dams. Then hunters complained that because of more access and noisy vehicles the road extension resulted in animals being driven out of the area.

"We want to make a through ATV route that would be more aesthetic and tie in with the Great Western Trail Route."

One extension would be from the Beaver Dams south of the M & O Ranch eastward.

The other would eliminate that route, extend in a southerly direction to the top of the divide between Yogo and Neoche canyons, and enter the head of the UM Valley. It would be built to extend from a present "dead end" road near sheep corrals in Yogo Canyon.

A public meeting will be held in either March or April regarding the closure, but meetings will not be scheduled regarding the road extension south of Salina Canyon.

"We want written comments about either one or both of the proposals by Jan. 1 so that public desires can be considered in making the decisions," Allred concluded. Written comments may be forwarded to the Richfield Ranger District office, 25 S. 1st East, Richfield, Utah 84701.