A Davis County attorney, who has experience with forensic evidence, will assist the Millard County attorney's office in prosecuting two defendants who are charged with the first degree murder of a Southern Utah State College student.

Carvel Harward, Davis County chief deputy attorney, has been asked to help with the prosecution of Michael Anthony Archuleta, 26, and Lance Conway Wood, 20, according to Millard County Attorney Warren Peterson. Harward has expertise in the use of forensic evidence to determine the roles of multiple participants in crime and in deriving intent from forensics evidence.Peterson said Millard County will lead in the prosecution.

Harward is in charge of the criminal division in the Davis County attorney's office.

Archuleta and Wood are accused of the death of Gordon Ray Church, 28, Cedar City. His body was found near Kanosh, Millard County, Nov. 23. It appeared he had been beaten to death with a tire iron and a car jack.

The defendants had both been paroled after serving prison sentences.

The two men are being held in the Millard County jail in Fillmore.

A gag order was placed on the case by Fillmore Justice of the Peace Ron Hare, informing officials not to discuss it in public.