Actress Marlee Matlin, in a letter to The New York Times, has complained about its coverage of her appearance at the Academy Awards.

During her appearance on the Oscar program, Matlin, who is deaf, spoke without using sign language. The Times' article on April 13 said some people viewed that as "a blow not only to deaf people but also to the goal of `total communication.' ""I do not sign and speak simultaneously, and when I chose to sign alone (with an off-camera voice) or to speak alone, as I did on the Oscar ceremony telecast, I could have potentially ignored two major segments of the deaf community those who use speech and do not sign and those who sign and do not use speech," she wrote.

"Fortunately, the telecast was closed captioned . . . and everyone, regardless of communication preference, had access. So what's the big fuss?" read the letter, which appeared Friday.