The people who make Blistex lip ointment have unleashed their annual list of people with the most beautiful lips and it's overflowing with bad puns.

There's billionaire Malcolm Forbes ("most capitalips"), comedian Jay Leno ("most one-liner lips"), Los Angeles Dodger Orel "Bulldog" Hershiser ("most dogged lips"), Leona Helmsley, indicted wife of indicted hotel czar Harry Helmsley, ("most Harried lips"), diver Greg Louganis ("splashiest lips"), "Bull Durham" star Kevin Costner ("most adora-Bull lips"), author Tom Clancy ("most novel lips"), "Phantom of the Opera" star Michael Crawford ("most phantasmagoric lips"), President Reagan ("most outgoing lips"), Chicago Bulls star Michael Jordan ("most Bull-ish lips"), Princess Beatrice ("most bea-utiful lips") and "A Fish Called Wanda" star Jamie Lee Curtis ("most Wanda-ful lips").