Two new zoning classifications have been added to the South Jordan zoning ordinance.

The he city master plan has also been amended to indicate where those new zones will be allowed.The City Council approved a new commercial freeway frontage zone and a new commercial light industrial zone for the areas east of the Jordan River and west of I-15.

The frontage zone will remain on the east side of the railroad tracks from the south city boundary to 106th South.

The zone will then jog westward on both sides of 106th South to the Utah Power & Light Co. high voltage transmission lines. The zone will then run north following the power lines to the north city limits.

The light industrial zone will be limited to two locations where it will provide a buffer between the frontage zone and a planned golf course and residential areas east of the river.

The new zones are part of a new economic development strategy adopted by the council to better market the city and attract revenue producing commercial and industrial development.

A rezoning approved for a two-acre site at 460 W. 102nd South is the first formal application of the new light industrial designation.

The rezoning was approved with the understanding that developer Terry Bickmore develop his project in compliance with the new zoning guidelines.