Newton C. Estes, who once slugged a U.S. Supreme Court justice to protest rulings on pornography, claims his prison sentence for two child sexual-abuse offenses is "cruel and unusual punishment."

Estes filed a request for a writ of habeas corpus in U.S. District Court, on Thursday, claiming that his sentence by 2nd District Judge Douglas Cornaby constituted undue punishment because of substandard conditions at Utah State Prison.The complaint said the Utah Board of Pardons was "prejudicial" and improperly executed "statutory power to keep me imprisoned for life for a first-time and non-violent sex offense."

Estes contends the prison staff has denied him access to an adequate law library and routinely denies treatment for the serious illnesses of inmates.

"I am 63 years old and fear that I may need help during my confinement," Estes said in the complaint.

Earlier this year he was sentenced to five years to life in prison after pleading guilty to attempted forcible sexual abuse of a child and showing harmful material to a child.