The owners of a southern Utah radio station say they will yield to pressure from Bonneville International Corp., parent company of KSL-TV and KSL radio, and stop using the call letters KSLI.

The station will now be known as KSGI.J.L. Communications changed the station's call letters from KDLX to KSLI shortly after acquiring Color Country Broadcasting Corp., the company that owns KSLI, on Nov. 10, President E. Morgan Skinner Jr. said Friday.

Soon after, the company received a letter from Bonneville vice president and general counsel Bruce T. Reese, stating that the use of KSLI "would infringe on Bonneville's registered trademark KSL."

Skinner, however, said the station's counsel found there was no trademark infringement since licenses for radio and television stations, and their call letters, are the property of the Federal Communications Commission.

The two stations are in different markets, and Washington County residents cannot pick up KSL radio's signal, he said.

Skinner, however, said his station agreed to change the call letters to avoid legal costs if the matter were taken to court.