Interior Department agents seized marijuana crops in 26 states this year, including several locations on Bureau of Land Management and at Salt Plains National Wildlife Refuge in Utah, the department reported.

Overall 430 marijuana sites were discovered on Interior Department lands in the United States, and 93 individuals were arrested for illegal trafficking, use or possession.A total 166,000 plants were eradicated on Interior lands along with 400,000 plants discovered adjacent to federal land.

Police say a man wearing a baseball cap and claiming to have a gun under his coat robbed a Salt Lake video store of $117 Thursday afternoon.

Many of the man's actions during the robbery were similar to those of the "Top Gun" bandit, but police do not believe this man is the same as the one who has robbed at least 14 small businesses during the past several weeks while wearing a blue cap bearing the name of the popular movie.

According to a police report, a man approached an employee at the front counter of Sounds Easy Video, 2006 S. Ninth East, about 2:45 p.m. and said, "I'm holding you up. Open the drawer and give me the money."

After taking the money, the man ordered the employee to go inside a restroom and count to 100 - something the "Top Gun" bandit has done during many of his robberies. "I'll shoot you if you don't hurry," he said.

"You wonder if he's a copycat," said Salt Lake Police Lt. Dave Harkness, who said the description of this man does not match that of "Top Gun."

Police are looking for a 6-foot-3-inch male caucasian with a mustache, 30-35 years old, weighing about 180 pounds.