A 40-year-old Army company commander was found in her quarters critically injured by a bullet wound to the head, a Defense Depot Ogden spokeswoman says.

Maj. Christy J. Merrick was semiconscious and in critical condition late Friday in the McKay-Dee Hospital intensive care unit, said Teresa Bruch, hospital spokeswoman.The major was transported to McKay-Dee after she was discovered upstairs in a temporary-housing unit at 1:45 p.m. Thursday. A fellow officer obtained a key to Merrick's quarters, hours after she failed to show up for her 7 a.m. shift, said defense depot spokeswoman Joyce Fencl.

The Defense Criminal Investigations Service is investigating.

Weber County Sheriff Sgt. Jack Miller said federal investigators had a suspect. He said Merrick uttered a name when she was discovered.

But Ken Hoyal, resident agent in charge of the Salt Lake office of the Defense Criminal Investigations Services, would not comment on specifics of the investigation.

Because the shooting occurred on a military installation, it is a federal matter and local law enforcement agencies haven't officially been involved in the investigation.