A group of Idaho educators Monday released a survey of California school superintendents that supports claims a state lottery would not help education.

The results were released by Terry Gilbert, a Twin Falls educator, who said he represents a group of school teachers abd administrators opposed to the Idaho lottery amendment on the Nov. 8 ballot.Despite the nearly $2 billion raised for education by the California lottery over the past three years, Gilbert said the survey indicates California educators believe their lottery has decreased overall support for education funding.

"These results only serve to confirm our opposition to the lottery as a source for public education funding," Gilbert said.

"It's not a reliable funding source, it doesn't supply any significant amounts of money and we agree with these superintendents from California that it wouldserve to reduce support for education funding overall."

Sponsored by the Idaho anti-lottery group Consider, the survey was based on responses of 538 California school superintendents. Gilbert said 95 percent of the superintendents said the lottery had decreased legislative support for more traditional types of education funding.

He said 87 percent called the lottery an "unreliable" revenue source and that57 percent felt state promotion of their lottery had a negative effect on schoolchildren.

In recent weeks, several officials and religious leaders have said they oppose the lottery.