Former Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos on Saturday waited for results of tests taken after he was rushed to a hospital with congestive heart failure.

Marcos, 71, was admitted to St. Francis Hospital on the advice of his doctor on Friday after complaining of chest pains.A hospital spokeswoman said Marcos was listed in guarded condition and had had a restful night.

Congestive heart failure means that the heart is unable to maintain adequate circulation of blood.

The couple's spokesman, Gemmo Trinidad, said Marcos began experiencing chest pains Friday morning after learning that his pregnant daughter Imee Manotoc was having medical problems. She lives in exile in Morocco.

After Marcos was rushed from his expensive Makiki Heights home to a hospital, doctors stabilized his heartbeat and determined that he had not suffered a heart attack.

The hospital reported that he was able to eat, sat up in bed and joked with the nurses.

Four days ago a U.S. prosecutor told a New York court that a government-appointed doctor had examined Marcos and found him well enough to fly to New York to plead to criminal charges filed against him.

Marcos has been treated for a variety of ailments including previous chest pains, eye problems and calcium deposits on his knee. In recent public appearances he was seen in a wheelchair.

The ex-president is under indictment by a U.S. grand jury on fraud, racketeering and corruption charges.