Israeli troops shot and killed a Palestinian boy Saturday who hurled a firebomb at soldiers and a Palestinian prisoner who attacked a guard with a homemade knife, the army said.

Soldiers shot and wounded at least 22 Palestinians in the occupied lands, among them a 9-year-old girl shot in the back by troops chasing rioting youths, hospital officials said. The army said only four Palestinians were injured.In Tel Aviv, several hundred Israelis gathered in Kings of Israel square to call for an immediate end to the occupation, Israeli radio said. The protest was sponsored by the leftist "Enough of the Occupation" group.

PLO Chairman Yasser Arafat, meanwhile, called for escalating anti-Israeli violence.

"As we near victory, we must realize that the most ferocious and bloody confrontations occur in the last quarter of an hour before peace," Arafat said in a statement released by the Palestine Liberation Organization office in Cyprus.

The 16-year-old Gaza City boy, Hosni Abu Sido, was one of a group of teenagers who threw gasoline-filled bottles at a patrol in Gaza City Saturday morning several hours after a curfew was lifted and residents were allowed out of their homes, the army spokesman said.

"The lives of soldiers were in danger and the commander of the patrol opened fire," a military spokesman said on condition of anonymity. "The boy who was killed was clearly the one who threw a Molotov cocktail."

He said a soldier was slightly wounded in the attack.

The prisoner, 20-year-old Abdallah Abu Mahruka, was killed when he tried to stab a guard with a homemade knife while he and other inmates in Gaza City's prison were taken out on a daily walk, the army said.

The guard who was attacked was lightly wounded, and a guard who shot Mahruka was hospitalized after he was hit by a bullet ricochet, an army spokesman said.

Abu Mahkura was serving an 18-month sentence for preparing firebombs, the army spokesman said.

The deaths raised the number of Palestinians killed in the year-old anti-Israeli revolt to 322. Eleven Israelis have been killed.

At 11 a.m., Gaza City storekeepers closed their shops and traffic stood still for five minutes of silence in memory of the Palestinians killed in the uprising, which began Dec. 8, 1987.

About 250,000 Arabs were confined to their homes in Gaza refugee camps for the third straight day.

All 650,000 residents of the Gaza Strip were under curfew Friday to prevent violence marking the anniversary of the uprising.

In East Jerusalem on Saturday, police fired tear gas and rubber bullets to disperse demonstrators who threw rocks in the Arab commercial center near the walled Old City and in several Arab neighborhoods.