Justice William Brennan, the Supreme Court's oldest member at 82, is "feeling much better" Saturday and "continues to improve" from a bout with pneumonia, a court spokeswoman said.

Brennan was taken Thursday to Bethesda Naval Hospital in suburban Washington after taking ill at his office with chills and fever."Justice Brennan continues to improve and he is, in fact, feeling much better," Supreme Court spokeswoman Toni House said. "While his doctors weren't certain, it appears he will be coming home early in the week."

The justice got a brief visit Friday afternoon from President Reagan and his wife, Nancy, who were at Bethesda for checkups. In announcing the visit, the White House divulged no details.

Brennan should miss only one court session, the meeting on Monday when the justices are scheduled to issue orders and opinions. After Monday, the justices begin a monthlong recess and return Jan. 9.

Brennan has been on the bench for 32 years and has never wavered from his liberal, expansive view of constitutional rights.