This is the kind of mistake that would, no doubt, make Dave Barry chuckle. Except that it happened to his own column.

Yes, the Deseret News goofed. We managed to lose, in today's Spectra section, part of the column of America's funniest humor columnist.Thus, today may be the first time ever that Barry's Pulitzer Prize-winning column appears in two parts on two different section fronts of the same newspaper.

So here's what you have to do. First, read Barry's column (it's a good one) on the front page of Spectra. Don't bother to turn to S2. The rest of the story doesn't exist. It was lost in the production process. Instead, read the remainder of the column here. Sure it's a little cumbersome, but this is a funny column.

Because the Sunday paper is too large to print all at once, the Spectra section is printed on Thursday of each week. As a result, we were able to catch the error and put the remainder of the column here.

Please demonstrate your sense of humor by smiling about all this and having a laugh on the Deseret News. Here's the rest of the column:

Continued from S1

lice officer stomped a rooster to death last week after it attacked him at a Peters Creek home." The officer, Robert Heun, was scratched on the knee and thigh, and reported that a woman who witnessed the incident from the door of her home yelled, "God bless you," and raised a beer in a toast.

We agree wholeheartedly with this woman, unless it was a "lite" beer. This country needs men like Officer Heun, who are unafraid to administer justice, rather than let violent roosters like this clog up the court system with their endless appeals, only to be released on furlough by admitted liberals. Because until we start getting tough on crime, we're going to keep seeing headlines like the following, which appeared above an actual article in The Las Vegas Review-Journal: "Court date set in sex assault on goat." Since this is a family newspaper and we have run out of room, we're not going to go into the details of this appalling case, except to say - this is MOST important - that Geraldo Rivera had ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH IT. Just leave his name OUT of it. Thank you.