Pamela Zinke and the hair stylists in her Holladay hair salon heard the news of the devastating Armenian earthquake and decided to try to help.

So next Tuesday they're having a "cut-a-thon" at Beaubien Hair and Nail Design, 1933 E. 48th South, and donating all the proceeds of the day's hair cutting to the American Red Cross Soviet Armenian Relief Fund.Anyone can walk in - with or without an appointment - between 10 a.m. and 7 p.m., donate any amount of money and get a haircut from one of the nine stylists.

"We would hope that they'll feel comfortable donating more than a dollar," Zinke said. "We really want to make a contribution. Gorbachev was over here, and I think the things he said were really appropriate," and now that his country is suffering, "we want to in our own small way make a contribution and let them know of our good will."

The salon's normal rate for a haircut is $10 for men and $18 for women. Zinke said she hopes to raise $4,000 from the day's work.