A Geraldo Rivera TV interview with lobbyist Paula Parkinson about her relations with six Republican politicans - including vice president-elect Dan Quayle - was killed Thursday by Tribune Entertainment.

Rivera, declaring that "censorship stinks," said he disagreed with the decision to not broadcast the "Ger-aldo" program, which he said was Parkinson's first detailed television interview and had been scheduled to run before the Nov. 8 election."She gave chapter and verse of not only her alleged affairs or proved affairs with various married Republican congressmen but also about the infamous golfing weekend that the vice president-elect attended," Rivera said.

He said she also told of an affair with a high-ranking member of the Bush campaign team - "someone whose name you would know" - that took place before the campaign.

In January 1980, Quayle spent a weekend at a Florida beach house with a group of congressmen and Parkinson. During this fall's campaign, Quayle repeated his earlier denials of any impropriety.