Perennial fringe presidential candidate Lyndon LaRouche, describing himself as an "old geezer," says he has no plans to testify at his federal trial but would if asked by his attorneys.

LaRouche spoke to reporters Thursday, the first day of defense testimony at the trial of La-Rouche and six associates. All are charged with mail fraud and conspiracy for allegedly financing his organization by soliciting loans with no intent of repaying them.More than a dozen defense witnesses testified Thursday, and LaRouche attorney Odin Anderson, who has told the court he may call more than 50 witnesses, said the defense could wrap up its case in two or three days.

The trial was recessed until Monday, when the question of whether LaRouche will take the stand may be answered.

"I'm an old geezer," the 65-year-old LaRouche said. "I take life as it comes. I have no plans to testify but if it is necessary, I will."